Watsonville Craft Breweries & Taprooms

Come for the beach and the redwoods, stay for the beer and the company. In recent years, several breweries and taprooms have been sprouting up all over Santa Cruz County, and we’re certainly not complaining. They each have their own unique style and ambiance, but they do have a couple of things in common: they make tasty beer with a creative, entrepreneurial spirit and they bring their communities together in celebration of this timeless craft.

Whether it’s been a hot day at the beach or a long day at work, a refreshing Hibiscus Saison or robust Double IPA may be just the thing you need (or at least want). Round out the day by chatting with a few friends at the local watering hole as the light turns golden, the sun setting to amber in your glass.

It’s a rare occurrence indeed, on which we could think of any reason to turn down a frothy, frosty and tasty beverage that tints the world with rose-colored glasses. Here are just a few of the many good reasons not to.

Check back regularly, we’re not done tasting beer around here.



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